“Keeping people in the dark only serves to stir negative emotions.”

–  Simon Sinek


Softhouse Invest is an alternative investments firm that focuses on SW. To become a portfolio company, the product or offering must be SW-centred. Softhouse Invest currently has a portfolio of companies in Sweden and Eastern Europe, ranging from start-ups to established companies. Its strength is in its broad expertise in SW strategies, craftsmanship and methodology….

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ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is a successful company operating across Europe, in our 4th generation as a family-owned organization. For generations, both employees and customers remain loyal to the business. This reiterates their understanding of a mutual partnership: personal, service-oriented, loyal and stable. In addition to their sales team, their technical assistance and specialist departments are available for…

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Financial Markets International, Inc., a US-based legal and economic consulting firm and Restart, a business embassy for diaspora and foreign investors from Bosnia-Herzegovina have signed a service sub-contract as part of USAID Harnessing BiH Diaspora for Economic Development Activity – “Diaspora Invest”. USAID/Bosnia and Herzegovina awarded FMI a five-year contract to implement the project that…

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Connecting businesses in the diaspora with those in BiH For the second year in a row, Restart is organizing a networking event for diaspora in Sarajevo. For information about last year’s event, please click here. The main difference from last year’s event is that you will be able to provide a five-minute pitch about your…

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