Namik Hrle – One of the Most Innovative Experts at IBM

Namik Hrle – One of the Most Innovative Experts at IBM

Namik Hrle is from Banja Luka with an address in Germany and he works in the most innovative company in the world – IBM, which is “the undisputed champion in the number of published patents.” This company publishes more patents than “Google”, “Microsoft” and “Apple” together. They have placed more than 300,000 patents so far.

Namik Hrle is IBM Fellow, which is the highest level in IBM’s technical career. This title is given by the corporation to their most inventive experts.

“In the 100-year history of IBM only 267 individuals received this title, and there are 95 active ones at the moment, which is a relatively small number if we consider that there is almost 400,000 employees at IBM. Among them are winners of the Nobel Prize and the inventors of fundamental technology that is underlying today’s computer industry,” said Namik Hrle.

He explained that IBM is working in a wide range of computer technology and IT services, from basic research and basic elements of computers to building of the most complex information systems.

He says that interesting technologies are developing, such as a new processor architecture, which is based on the principle of the human brain operation, and for which he assumed that will cause a revolution in the industry.

Namik Hrle believes that the hard work, good education, curiosity and willingness to accept the risk are characteristics of all successful people he met. He sees the change as the basis for success.

He believes the most to common sense, and he is impressed by the people who help others and “make no difference among them by any criterion.” He appreciates the most integrity and humanity in his colleagues and associates, and the next thing he would like to achieve is to draw the attention of IBM on the human resources of B&H.

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