Held Restart Networking Event

Held Restart Networking Event

Restart – a Business embassy for the Bosnian diaspora, with the support of MarketMakers and the Swiss Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, held its biggest networking event to date on Aug 11 for everyone interested in contributing to a better Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event was created for those seeking to expand their business into new markets (Either the top 15 diaspora countries or B&H), investing in projects/startups in Bosnia and Herzegovina, or supporting initiatives for the economic development of our country. The event was attended by 150 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the diaspora.

“This event is an excellent method to connect organizations and individuals around the world to come up with ideas and find partners for their projects” pointed out Adnan Berberović, a member of Restart Management Board.

Adnan Berberovic lijevo, Edin Saracevic osnivac HUB387 desno

Adnan Berberovic (left) and Edin Saracevic (right)

Although many have doubts about investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Restart team believes it is a country in which it is possible to establish a successful company with high-quality staff that can offer services to address the needs of global markets.

“We are a group of enthusiastic people who recognized a business opportunity here in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For a few of us that meant to leave the country in which we lived abroad, and return here to create jobs for us and for others. We faced some obstacles, just like others, but not only have we been able to overcome them, but also to move forward in these markets, “said Masha Campara, a member of the Restart Management Board and founder of eMediaPatch digital agency, which provides media planning services for the US market with a team of 30 people in Sarajevo.

This fact is supported by numerous examples of diaspora investments in companies that are now working for international clients in America, Western Europe, Australia and other countries.

Edin Forto, clan Upravnog odbora Restarta

“However, it is just about personal initiatives, and for greater strides forward and larger investments it is necessary to establish an “ecosystem”, a complete infrastructure that will work on changing the image of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the war-torn country full of conflict to a destination for business,” said Edin Forto, a member of Restart Management Board.

Although Bosnia and Herzegovina is full of certain shortcomings, it is also a country with great advantages and also opportunities for business development.

David Kramer - zamjenik direktora za saradnju Svicarske ambasade

“It’s safer and much easier to focus on problems instead of solutions, and on opportunities instead of obstacles. The result of this thinking are many missed opportunities. Companies are the backbone of any economy and society because they provide jobs. In Bosnia and Herzegovina it seems there are more adequate and better jobs in the public sector. This fact has to change and it will change ” said David Kramer, Deputy Head of Cooperation at the Embassy of Switzerland in B&H, which, together with the MarketMakers fund, supported the Restart project.

Restart points out that it is extremely important to bring together all the key players that will, with their joint efforts, hard work and quality projects, create the prerequisites for the economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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