New legal expert joined the Restart Project

New legal expert joined the Restart Project

Amela Suljevic is Legal Expert of Restart.
Amela’s expertise is proven by her excellent results; she registered approximately 760 companies in 8 years (96 new companies a year), and has changed some terms of contract (increasing capital, changing address an address, shareholder, updating organization structures from corporations to Ltd., etc) for approximately 920 companies in 8 years (115 companies each year).
Amela Suljevic was born in Belgrade in 1982. After finishing high school in Sarajevo, she graduated from the law faculty in October 2006.

After her first position for the Federal Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Amela began her law practice in a notary office in April 2008. Since then, she has carried out all notary activities − with focus on her main area of expertise: company law and the registration process for companies through the municipal court and other institutions throughout BiH − preparing documents and documentation for both domestic and foreign shareholders, guiding them through the proper method for business and/or capital investment.

Also, in the notary office, Amela was directly responsible for a team of five (5) employees; she directly managed its facet of the team, overseeing their work and obligations, which enabled her to become more efficient in her own activity by working better in a team and also through knowledge transfer with her colleagues.

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