Tomislav Ladan – Thermoflux

Tomislav Ladan – Thermoflux

ThermoFLUX company for installation of heating systems was founded in 2007, starting from a small family craft with three employees. The company is engaged in the production of hot water boilers and pellet and coal fireplaces, witnessing a steady growth from year to year, and exporting over 30% of its production. ThermoFLUX currently employs 68 workers.

When Tomislav Ladan left his home Jajce in 1992, with his parents and four siblings, due to unfortunate circumstances, he never dreamed that he would be back 22 years later, running the most successful company in domestic property in the region.

In 2006 Mr. Ladan founded the TermoFLUX, beginning to produce pellet boilers once realizing that boilers using mostly solid fuel (coal and wood) did not meet the requirements of his customers for whom he installed heating through company Tremag. Tomislav has managed to buy off the facilities of the completely devastated halls of the former Sedinac company for 1.5 million BAM, and he spent additional 800.000 for renovation. The company expands 17.000 m2, and the halls – 6,000 m2.

Due to the global rise in oil prices and the increasing popularity of environmentally friendly fuels, TermoFLUX company is experiencing explosive growth, given that most of those who were previously heating with fuel oil are increasingly deciding to buy pellet boilers, because they do not see an alternative in coal and wood.

In 2013, 41% of the total production was exported, mainly to the countries of former Yugoslavia, mostly Croatia and Macedonia, although some of the export went to Germany, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, France and Great Britain. In addition, ThermoFLUX emerged as one of the market leaders in this segment in BiH, as a company that is competitive in the European market.

Tomislav Ladan believes that our country offers many opportunities, and that one only needs to remain faithful to one’s idea. His optimism is based on the fact that in 2013, 59% of his overall production was made in BiH, in a country that is small and relatively poor. In the future, he plans for a production of parts for other companies, and sale of wood-chip boilers.

Tomislav has never regretted his return to his hometown Jajce, and says that, if he could go 15 years back in time, he would still choose Bosnia and Herzegovina.