BiH Diaspora Mapping

BiH Diaspora Mapping

The important research study on mapping diaspora of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) is conducted by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in partnership with the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH (MHRR). This study is a part of the project “Mainstreaming the Concept on Migration and Development into Relevant Policies, Plans and Actions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH): Diaspora for Development (D4D)” which is being implemented from December 2016 to December 2020. The project is supported by the Government of Switzerland and implemented by UNDP and IOM in partnership with the MHRR.

The overall objective of the research study is to provide an overview of the socio-economic profile of the BiH diaspora in ten selected destination countries, including demographic, sociological, economic and socio-cultural data. The information you provide will help us learn about the current situation, problems, prospects, needs, and challenges of migrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina in eight EU countries, the USA and Australia.  Based on the diaspora mapping findings, a set of recommendations will be produced to be used by relevant decision and policy makers of the BIH and the country where you reside to improve interactions and cooperation with the BiH diaspora, and to develop policies and conditions that will make it attractive and favourable for the BiH diaspora to contribute to the development of their home country, as well as to develop relevant policies for migrants from Bosnia and Herzegovina overall  The results of diaspora mapping will be used for establishment of the know-how transfer mechanism and the crowd-sourcing platform, as well as diaspora engagement for economic development. The report will be available on the diaspora web portal and will be shared with project partners, relevant BiH institutions, interested BiH diaspora organizations, stakeholders, academia, media.

The questionnaire should take you no more than 15-20 minutes to complete. Please answer the questions to your best knowledge; there are no wrong or right answers, just your opinion. Please answer the below questions either by writing in your response or checking (put an X mark) next to your chosen response.

Your answers will be kept strictly confidential and not connected to your name in any way. The information obtained will be used only for statistical purposes. You may skip any question that you do not want to answer, and you may stop filling out this questionnaire at any time.

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