Ten-day MBA type educational program for entrepreneurs

Ten-day MBA type educational program for entrepreneurs

On Monday, May 7, 2018, in the start-up accelerator HUB387 the Leader Project 2018 will start—a ten-day MBA type educational program facilitated by Ivey Business School instructors from Canada. The LEADER Project is hosted by Restart in cooperation with the Ivey Business School (Canada’s premiere business school), where the MBA Program originates.
The “Restart” Project, operated within the Association of Bosnian – American Friendship (BAFA) has been the only authorized partner of Ivey Business School Toronto for the organization of Leader training in Bosnia and Herzegovina since January 2017.

The LEADER Project is a unique opportunity for young professionals and entrepreneurs from Bosnia and Herzegovina to learn from future Canadian business leaders. The ten-day course that takes place in Sarajevo is filled with interactive participation intended to impress upon the 43 participants the essentials of doing business, such as branding a product, launching a product, developing a strategy, funding, turning an idea into a viable business and more. The participants come with their business idea or an initial blueprint for a new business which, during ten-day course, will get developed into something that can grow.

The 2018 Leader training, the second annual one delivered in Bosnia and Herzegovina, will be attended by 43 candidates from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Mostar, Travnik, Zenica, Tešanj, Srebrenik, Doboj, and Gračanica.

The training will be led by four Canadian instructors from the Ivey Business licensed by the Ivey Business School from Toronto from 7 to 18 May 2018 inclusive at HUB 387, Maglajska Street no. 1 in Sarajevo. All information on the Leader training in BiH in 2017 and 2018 are available from www.leaderproject.ba. This training is enhancing the global competitiveness of the global market, and actively contributes to the development of entrepreneurship in our country.

The patrons of this year’s Leader training in Sarajevo are Mr Milan Dunović, Vice President of the Federation of BiH, the City Administration of Sarajevo, and SEEBA Stockholm.

Restart thanks the Labour and Employment Agency of BiH, the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency in BiH, and the Federal Employment Agency for their respective support in disseminating the public call on the Leader training 2018 throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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