Success Story: InMotion

Success Story: InMotion

InMotion started its operations in 2017 in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a small support division of Taylor Shipping Solutions. In just three years they have reached the number of 180 employees, working in their offices all over the country including Sarajevo, Bihac, Tuzla, Velika Kladusa, and Brcko. The company provides transport coordination solutions between drivers and companies working with various types of cargo. InMotion offers the best of US standards regarding career growth, professionalism, qualifications, skills, and the ability to adapt to the dynamic US market. Their extensive and long-term client/ carrier base continues to make them a significant competitor on the US market causing their teams in Bosnia and Herzegovina to continuously grow. 

Inmotion’s role as Transport Coordinators puts them in charge of the entire transportation process between drivers and companies that require cargo shipping services. This process includes:

  • market research,
  • finding and setting up a cargo,
  • finding a suitable transport vehicle,
  • tracking the transport and loading/unloading flows,
  • measuring the success of the job done as a confirmation that our clients have received quality service in the agreed terms.

To ensure this process runs smoothly, they have raised professional communication of their employees to an advanced level and continuously work on developing leadership, organization and coordination skills. 

Number of employees

InMotion’s number of employees increased by 130% in 2018. comparing to 2017. In 2019. the increase amounted to 39 employees or 33%. The total number of employees raised by 205% in the past three years.

Sales and export revenue

InMotion’s sales revenue increased significantly in the past three years. in 2018 the revenue increase amounted to BAM 2,998,431 or 177%. while in 2019 it amounted to BAM 856,772 or 18% compared to the previous year. The total increase in the past 2 years amounted to incredible 220%.