Outsourcing Customer Service for Businesses

Outsourcing Customer Service for Businesses

In the 20th Century, companies started hiring desk receptionists that performed their roles in answering and transferring customer calls. Their function was to answer some basic questions or direct customers to other staff that could provide further assistance. This is the beginning of customer service or customer care, which evolved through the years greatly.

As technology advanced, the possibility to outsource and automate these processes emerged. Today, this is done by using virtual customer service technology.

A lot of services are currently being offered on the global outsourcing market, and they are, in many cases, crucial in terms of having leverage over competitors in the same industry.

Virtual customer service comes with a wide array of capabilities using a combination of pre-recorded messages, as well as artificial intelligence and speech recognition software to accurately determine your customer’s needs. Gone are the days of customers becoming stuck in endless phone tree loops; these days, customer conversations with virtual customer service systems are almost as natural as a conversation with a live operator.

Today’s programs are capable of understanding a wide range of languages, accents, and colloquialisms and have a sophisticated decision-making AI framework to deliver the best possible customer service experience. Here are just a few capabilities that employ the use of interactive voice response (IVR) technology:

Hours, directions, store locations, and holiday closure information: Even if you have employees able to answer and direct calls, you can help reduce their workload by offering your customers an initial array of automated IVR options to answer their most basic questions. These features are available 24/7, whether your business is open or closed.

Perform surveys: If you need to complete a customer satisfaction survey after a purchase or service, or you want to poll your customers about future offerings, IVR software can provide the framework for your survey as well as written transcripts with your customer’s responses.

Provide multilingual customer service: Virtual customer assistance programs are able to rapidly respond to the ever-increasing reality of language diversity, so that your company can provide the best possible service to all of your customers.

Calendar management: Virtual customer service systems can work with your customers to set up appointments during their customer service call and even generate text or email messages to your employees as well as confirmations to your customers.

Virtual agreements: Virtual customer assistance can even save your employees time by obtaining formal verbal consent for agreements or contracts after moving through specific data points.

With all these features and more, a virtual customer service program can significantly enhance your company’s responsiveness to customers and increase the efficiency of communications, all while saving your employees time and money. As this technology continues to grow and evolve, the options available to business owners will keep expanding at a phenomenal pace.

Utilizing virtual customer service technology can help you expand the capabilities of your customer service employees without increasing their hours or hiring additional staff. This technology can help answer your customer’s questions while your business is closed or the phone lines are busy, and it can alleviate workflow by taking care of many repetitive tasks.

Looking at how far technology has come in a mere lifetime, one can only imagine what IVR and speech recognition will be able to accomplish in the decades to come.

By using all these features, companies can be:


Reduce the costs of your enterprise by making the customer support fully autonomous.


Saving time – a crucial advantage in a competitive environment.

Enhance the response for customers

When using Interactive Voice Response technology, you reduce the number of human errors to 0%. This makes the tech very useful and makes the customer support service fully autonomous.

Improve communications

Multilingual support expands our customer support reach. Simplified and effective, it modernizes your business to its full potential.

With the rapid improvement of technology, the options for companies are drastically expanding.

By utilizing Virtual Customer Systems, firms can avoid hiring additional employees, in multiple work-shifts, and skip all of the burdens that come with it.

When observing the technological advances during just one lifetime, one can only imagine what the future will look like.

Restart’s Matchmaking

Bosnia-Herzegovina has a large, well-educated workforce – its people are its most valuable resource. Tertiary education enrollment rates have been extremely high over the past decade. Local universities produce about 16,000 graduates each year, most of which are very proficient in English and German. The expertise, skills and experience of the workforce in B&H is additionally demonstrated by the fact that there is a great number of very successful companies providing outsourcing services with excellent references, as well as a big number of successful individuals employed in big international corporations. This is a guarantee for the quality of service provided.

If you are interested in Virtual Customer Services, Restart can help you match with the best Outsourcing Companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina for low cost and high quality. Restart can help match you expert service providers and provide the best, customized solutions. Just follow the steps and tips in this article, and you’ll be all set to outsource your customer support. Once you have the right service provider and the right set of tools, you’ll enjoy all the benefits virtual customer support outsourcing can offer you before you even know it.

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