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Restart & Macedonia2025 announce an open call for participants for the 9th edition of the LEADER Project in Skopje. One participant from Bosnia & Herzegovina will be awarded with scholarships from us.

The Ivey School of Business has been organising the LEADER Project since 1991. This MBA-styled program, ten-day workshop empowers entrepreneurs to develop local business solutions that create opportunities for their communities. The ten day course that takes place in Skopje is filled with interactive participation intended to impress upon the participants the essentials of doing business such as branding a product, launching a product, developing a strategy, funding, turning an idea into a viable business and more. The participants come with their business idea or an initial blueprint for a new business, which during the course of the ten days will get developed into something that can grow.

Who should apply: If you are an entrepreneur, manager, company owner or a young professional who acts locally and thinks globally and you are passionate about bringing your business idea to life, the LEADER project is for you.

What will you take away: Аanalytical tools, thought processes, and decision-making skills which are elementary for any entrepreneur and manager to overcome challenges and progress.

When is it taking place: The LEADER Project will take place from May 9 to May 20, every working day, from 12-16, in the Diplomatic Hall at the Skopje Fair.

Only the participants who will attend a minimum of 8 days of the trainings, will be awarded with a certificate.

Restart is proud to offer scholarship to young leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in LEADER Project in May, 2015. Accommodation and transport costs are not covered by organisers.

The deadline to submit your application is March, 13.

Confirmed speakers:
1. Matthew Fong, MBA candidate at the Ivey Business School, Co-President of Ivey’s MBA Health Sector Club

Matthew Fong is an MBA candidate at the Ivey Business School with extensive experience in healthcare IT. Prior to Ivey, he held a management position at University Health Network as the program lead and project manager for a multi-million dollar eHealth program to enable the transition of patients to the proper care using a web-based platform. His areas of expertise focuses on program management, strategic planning, change management, and process re-design. Matthew is currently the Co-President of Ivey’s MBA Health Sector Club and member of Ivey’s Ice Hockey Intramural team.
2. Anna Sycheva , PhD in Business Administration, Ivey Business School

Anna is a PhD candidate in Organizational Behavior at Ivey Business School at Western University. Her academic research currently focuses on the issues of experiential learning in the workplace, specifically in the context of failures or mistakes. Prior to joining academia, Anna held several positions in corporate training and leadership development, where she developed passion for advancing people’s talent and performance. Anna is convinced that most goals can be achieved through the right mindset and psychology and sees her career purpose in educating and helping people master their psychology.

3. Jeremy Finkelstein, MBA candidate at the Ivey Business School

Jeremy’s passion is to commercialize innovation in the bio-medical field. He worked four years in pharmaceutical brand management at Paladin Labs, where he most notably managed the marketing campaign and generic defence for the emergency contraceptive Plan B® and led the launch of Dynamiclear Rapid™, a novel OTC cold sore product. Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Science from McGill University and a Master of Biotechnology from the University of Toronto.

4. Alana Green, MBA 2016

Alana completed her Psychology BA(Honours) at Queen’s. When she was done she wanted to explore health research and accepted a position as a Research Assistant the Canada East Spine Centre (CESC) in Saint John, NB. She quickly progressed to Research Coordinator and then to Research & Operations Manager. The CESC was an excellent environment to hone her quantitative analysis, reasoning and leadership skills. They operated a lot like a start-up and she loved that she got to wear many different hats!


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Application for Leader Project 2016 is now closed