Maša Čampara – eMedia Patch

Maša Čampara – eMedia Patch

Maša Čampara began her career in online advertising in New York City, with companies such as iVillage, NBC, MediaCom, and Optimedia where she worked for world-famous brands such as Lancome, Cartier, Staples, and Sanofi.

Following her return to Bosnia and Herzegovina from the US in 2009, Maša, with strong faith that the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina could use their knowledge to be competitors in the world market, established eMedia Patch – a digital agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina which provides comprehensive media planning services, campaign management, and the most current consulting solutions for online publishers.

Today, eMedia Patch is expanding rapidly. Its main driving force is creating opportunities for young, intelligent, and passionate people while providing the highest quality of work and customer service in the sphere of online media.

Major clients of the agency include amcTV, WETV, IFC, Sundance Channel, Wikia, College Humor, BabyCenter, Primo Media, Go2mobi, BrideClick, Lisa Hoffman Beauty, and more. Through managing the overall revenue of advertising campaigns across Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan and Latin America, the company has positioned itself as a competitive player in one of the world’s largest markets.

Revenue growth

The growth has been organic and steady without any external help or funding. eMedia Patch is continuously acquiring new clients and staffing up accordingly. Their achievements are evident through new business development successes as well as the constant increase in the scope of work and consistent rise in the revenue among the existing clients.

In a short period of time, eMedia Patch has proven that it can export the expertise and knowledge of its talented staff to complete highly intellectual tasks in a field which requires the constant monitoring of trends as well as the development of technologies and personal competencies