Aida Droce – Molecular biologist

Aida Droce – Molecular biologist

Aida Droce is proof that hard work and effort are always rewarded: from being a refugee to a PhD in biotechnology.

Perhaps she couldn’t even dream that from the day she moved to Denmark in the early ’90s, and throughout her life she would carry the title of “Doctor of Biotechnology” and a “Master of Molecular Biology”.

Aida was interested in biology from high school and later continued her studies in Aarhus and then in Aalborg. In parallel with the last three months of writing her dissertation, her daughter was born and she has devoted as much attention to her as to her studies. Although writing a dissertation and defending it was not easy, Aida did it alone and defended at Aalborg University. The PhD diploma is just the crowning achievement of all that she did so far.

Dr. Aida Droce is a leading expert in the prestigious Danish company Food Diagnostics, where she uses her knowledge in biotechnology and molecular biology on a daily basis.

Her story is pure inspiration for all those who choose the same or a similar path. Success comes only with hard work and efforts by those who are not afraid to dream, because with a precise objective nothing is impossible. Aida Droce is a successful example of that.