INTERA is looking for companies and experts from the diaspora

INTERA is looking for companies and experts from the diaspora

INTERA Technology Park Mostar is looking for companies and experts from diaspora that are interested in partnering to establish a new outsourcing centre for mechanical engineering and CNC production. INTERA TP is working for several years now on professional education through its learning centre (CNC metal processing, CNC programming, CNC software). INTERA has a  large database of human resources and a wide network of candidates in the regional business and academic community.

Such companies are becoming a frequent phenomenon in our region and they proved to have a very successful business model. INTERA TP has great resources for this kind of business-from experience and access to human resources, infrastructure to investment capital. An additional motive for the establishment of this outsourcing centre is giving young people a chance to stay in BiH.

What we expect from our potential partners, in order to build successful business connections, is access to international markets, QA and QC support, ability to negotiate with clients and joined investments.

“Benefits for our potential partners in Mostar are low income tax (10%), low labour force expenses, qualified workforce, European mentality with excellent knowledge of English language, physical and digital connections (highway, airport, proximity of a port, proximity of EU and great Internet connection). All of that, with our determination, is a unique partnership model that offers great chances for success. Local hospitality, great cuisine, wine and proximity of Adriatic coast are all additional benefits-join us in Hercegovina on this unique project!” they say from INTERA TP.

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