How Can Hospitality Industry Benefit From A BPO

How Can Hospitality Industry Benefit From A BPO

The hospitality industry has performed very well in the past few years and it is expected to have robust growth in this financial period as well.  Thanks to increasing income levels in emerging markets and the current global economy, the hospitality industry has come across a sea of opportunities. As corporate travels, adventure holidays, and leisure trips increases, the hospitality industry must also gear up to meet the ever-increasing expectations of their customers.

To present the customers with a wonderful experience, the hospitality industry must put more emphasis on customer service. As customers today are exposed to the gold standard of customer service, they can no longer be sated with good food and a comfortable bed. They want much more – they expect a hospitality business to provide them with a seamless experience in everything from interactions to services.

For this reason, more and more hospitality businesses are trying hard to provide excellent customer service to make their customers happy about their overall experience. That is not, however, an easy task to do, especially in the wake of the ever-changing demands of customers today. In fact, it can turn into a time-consuming, costly affair that can shift the business’s focus from its core operations and ruin the entire experience for a customer. 

Instead, a hospitality business can outsource some of its non-core operations to a BPO with experience of serving hospitality businesses in the past.  Numerous hospitality industry leaders have successfully outsourced some of their non-core operations to improve the quality of customer experience.  Here are a number of services hospitality businesses from across the globe are outsourcing to a BPO without compromising on their customer experience.

Multilingual Call Center Services

Today most hotels have an international clientele and in order to make things easy for them a standard hotel can team up with a multilingual call center.  This way, when a prospect or customer makes some inquiries regarding booking from another part of the world, a multilingual customer service team can answer them in the customer’s own language on a 24/7 basis. When a hotel provides convenient communication channels with ready assistance to any nationality, it creates a positive impression in the eyes of foreign guests.

Booking and Reservation Services

BPOs can help a hotel or restaurant manage their booking and reservation duties.  Equipped with multi-channel capabilities, call centers can support customer queries, booking and reservations across a number of channels, such as – voice call, chat, email, and through an online portal. Most customers today expect quick answers regarding room availability and reservations, as well as service/facility rates from the business website or customer service department. And providing them the answers pronto often deemed as quality customer service that adds brownie points to the customer experience.

Reception Services

While the company’s front desk should be managed by a receptionist, a hospitality business may still excel its customer experience by outsourcing its reception services. Upon outsourcing, the offshore receptionists can answer and route every incoming call whereas the onsite receptionist can focus on attending guests.  This way, a customer no longer has to wait for the front desk receptionist to be free to take their calls and can get their issues and requirements resolved quickly and efficiently. It leads to greater customer satisfaction and richer customer experience.

Research and Analytics

While expanding its horizon or entering a new market a hospitality business needs to have a good idea about what the customers want, to deliver a quality customer service and a great customer experience. In such a situation, hiring a BPO Company to do consumer behavior research, market research and analytics would be far cost-effective a solution that carrying out the research with an in-house team. The professional researchers from a BPO will be able to provide them with a detailed report of the scenario and help them make informed decisions. Such researches will also help a hospitality business shape their customer experience.

Hoteliers, restaurateurs, and spa-owners can use outsourcing to cut costs and improve the quality of their services at the same time. When a professional customer service call center handles some of the customer service duties of hospitality business, it becomes easier to serve the guests in person and through various other communication channels.

Bosnia-Herzegovina has emerged as a new “outsourcing hotspot” over the past decade. The country’s growing talent pool of young highly skilled multi-lingual professionals, together with low labor costs has attracted a growing number of foreign investors and global BPO providers, who have established business centers in Bosnia-Herzegovina or entered into partnerships with the country’s growing number of locally owned and operated BPO service providers.

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