Outsource and Increase Company’s Enterprise Content Management Efficiency

Outsource and Increase Company’s Enterprise Content Management Efficiency

Large-scale corporations and enterprises rely on documents and information to serve customers effectively and efficiently at all times. Managing, organizing, and delivering all of these documents, including sensitive information like contracts, agreements, and consumer records, is often time-consuming, labor-intensive, and resource-heavy, pulling precious manpower away from more critical business tasks. Outsourcing for Enterprise Content Management through end-to-end ECM solutions gives you the power to pull, deliver, and push content to the right channels without excessive pressure on your company. This single value-added service improves content metrics by streamlining document management for every aspect of your business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Enterprise Content Management

Improve Inefficient Paper Record-Keeping Strategies

Document access and organization is critical in day-to-day business, and paper record-keeping is one of the least efficient ways to streamline both processes. In order to access a document, staff must seek out the physical copy, make a copy, or remove the original, increasing the risk of lost information and harmful security breaches.

If your business is still relying on manual paper records in your day-to-day business, now is the time to change. No enterprise is too big or small to benefit from assistance with Enterprise Content Management.

Reduce Document Access Timeframes

Having the right document easily accessible at the right time is often the difference between success and failure for large enterprises. When a prospective client asks for a copy of a contract or asks for proof of document security measures, your ability to deliver that document in minutes has the power to assure them of their investment or convince them to walk away.

Increase Enterprise Content Management Efficiency

Manual Enterprise Content Management is often notoriously inefficient. Enterprises frequently require employees or managers to contact a specific department or individual to access documents; they are forced to wait for document delivery, putting projects and sales pitches in the hands of one or more potentially uninvolved, uninvested individuals.

Reduce Business Process Timeframes

Enterprise Content Management directly influences any, and all, business processes relying on information or documents for completion. A salesperson cannot close a sale until they have a signed contract on hand; similarly, a manufacturing plant can’t begin an order until they have access to the customer’s request and fulfillment systems. Outsourcing Enterprise Content Management reduces business process bottlenecks, making critical processes faster, more efficient, and more reliable – for your business and your clients, too.

Improve Information Sharing and Team Collaboration

Information-sharing and team collaboration is a must for large-scale enterprises, especially when businesses operate on a national or global scale. Manual Enterprise Content Management strategies greatly reduce collaboration potential, forcing teams to wait on responses or adapt to bottlenecks, which hampers overall business process efficiency. Instead of focusing on collaboration, teams are forced to focus on content collection, delivery, publishing, and paperwork. Outsourcing Enterprise Content Management strips this labor-intensive requirement down to basics, ensuring that teams and departments need only request or access information, rather than wasting precious hours cataloging, tagging, searching, and working overtime just to complete unnecessary desk work.

Lower Overhead and Operating Costs

Manual document and content management in the enterprise environment can be exceptionally costly. As mentioned previously, the average cost to manage a paper record is around $8 per year, while electronic records cost just $2 per year in comparison. However, both approaches are prone to heightened associated costs if managed manually or in-house, especially when laypersons or front-line staff are involved. These individuals may be talented in their own roles, but may lack the expertise to effectively handle large-scale content and data with efficiency.

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