The usage of electronic certificates in BiH

The usage of electronic certificates in BiH

The first certified electronic certificate issued in BiH was awarded to the deputy minister of transport and communication of BiH Mr. Saša Dalipagic.

At the press conference, deputy minister Mr. Saša Dalipagic and executive director of Halcom, Mr. Marko Valjevac addressed the public.

As deputy minister, Mr. Dalipagic pointed out that we met the conditions for implementation of the Electronic Signature Act in BiH by the establishment of the Certification Supervisors and Accreditation Office in 2018.

E-signature is based on qualified certificates and legally, it has the same strength as handwritten signature and its implementation means significant improvements in sharing documents, contracts and generally all electronic transactions that will, with development of new services in all government levels, contribute to more secure, cheaper and simpler business transactions in trade, banking, public service, healthcare, etc. We believe that our country, in near future, will have significant benefits from electronic signature implementation and that it will encourage the development of new electronic services with intention of modernization, transparency and faster communications between citizens and public sector, offering possibilities for creating new business models”, Dalipagic pointed out.

Company Halcom fulfilled all requirements prescribed by Electronic Signature Act in BiH for acquiring a status of accredited certifier of qualified certificates and especially security and data protection requirements. The conditions were made for the implementation of electronic certificates in everyday use.

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