First cybersecurity company in Mostar, NLBH opens its doors.

First cybersecurity company in Mostar, NLBH opens its doors.

NLBH is a subsidiary of Neuralegion Ltd. which is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Neuralegion also has offices in London and San Francisco. This fast-growing company is always looking for new passionate and talented people. Starting from only five employees, the company has grown and constantly expanding by approximately one new employee per month. The Mostar team includes professionals with skills ranging from development, penetration testing, customer services to support through marketing and sales.

As a growing Cybersecurity company, we are thrilled for the opportunity to grow our team in Bosnia. Having the team in Mostar is a great opportunity for us to hire extremely bright and capable people in an area where most software companies are not hiring. We view this as a strategic advantage for our company and we look forward to growing as a team” said Gadi Bashvitz, NeuraLegion’s Chief Customer Officer.

This January, during the CyberTech competition Neuralegion’s solution, was recognized as the most innovative, and named “The world’s first AI-powered Application Security Testing solution”.

NLBH offers an AI-powered Dynamic Application Security Testing platform which fully and seamlessly integrates AppSec Testing automation into the SDLC, empowering developers to detect, prioritize and remediate security issues early, without slowing down DevOps. Intuitive, easy to use, with no installation or security experience required, it enables developers or QA to detect the technical OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities for compliance. Their AI guided Fuzzing Technology detects 0-day vulnerabilities at scale, removing the human bottleneck, while reducing the window of exposure. 

NLBH is also actively looking for new partners that can join them on their path to success.

They are specifically focused on establishing partnerships and helping customers in the Balkans. Cybersecurity is still largely underdeveloped in our region and because of that, it is destined to grow and provide excellent opportunities. 

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