Call Centers Market in BiH is Continuously Expanding

Call Centers Market in BiH is Continuously Expanding

Customer management and other horizontal BPO positions became part of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s continuing second-wave growth caused by widespread conversational German and English skills, strong socio-cultural affinities, and the significant proportion of unemployed college and university graduates. The strong multilingual capabilities and transferable skills of the population have already been leveraged by several larger players (CCC, DDC, Teleperformance, Trizma) and a healthy number of small and medium-sized providers. Most call centers in BiH are focused on the markets of Germany and Austria and as one of the conditions for getting a job are an excellent knowledge of the German language. On the job site, a large number of advertisements for work in the call center is noticeable and constantly growing.

Number of companies over the past three years 

In 2017, 62 companies were registered as call centers in BiH, while in 2018 that number increased by 24 companies. In 2019, only one company was closed and terminated.

Types of companies

Of these companies, 74.1% of companies generate revenue of up to half a million BAM, 23.5% of companies up to 5 million BAM, and 2.4% more than 5 million BAM.

Number of employees and average salary

The number of employees in this sector increased in 2018 by 332 compared to the previous one. In 2019, the increase in the number of employees is slightly higher and amounts to 455.

The average monthly gross salary of employees in these companies amounted to BAM 1,264.00, or EUR 646.00. This means that employees in call centers are paid an average of BAM 8 per hour or EUR 4 per hour.

Staff costsAmount in BAMAmount in EUR
Total salaries cost28,221,23714,429,289
Number of employees1,860
Yearly salary per employee15,1737,758
Monthly salary per employee1,264646

On the other hand, the monthly income per employee amounted to BAM 2,839.00 or EUR 1,451.00. The average hourly income per employee is BAM 17 or EUR 9.

Type of revenueAmount in BAMAmount in EUR
Revenue per employee in a year34,06617,418
Monthly revenue per employee2,8391,451
Daily revenue per employee13569
Hourly revenue per employee179

Sales and export revenue

Total sales revenue experienced exponential growth over the past three years. The sales revenue increased in 2018 for BAM 7,621,584. In 2019, sales revenue amounted to BAM 62,362,367, which is an increase of 50% compared to the previous year. For the same period from 2017 to 2019, export revenue increased by 83%.

Top 20 companies by revenue

Top 10 companies share in industry by revenue

Total profit

Companies registered as call centers in 2019 together achieved a total profit of BAM 42,250,406, which is an increase of almost 100% compared to two years earlier, in 2017.

Top 20 companies by total profit in industry

The top 20 companies share in the industry by profit