Success story: Alfa Energy Group

Success story:  Alfa Energy Group

Alfa energy group is an international energy consultancy specializing in energy cost management. The company’s focus is on building business energy strategies for all industries and keeping them running.

Since its founding in 1995, Alfa Energy Group has grown into a global consulting company with four offices worldwide and over 200 employees. Alfa Energy Group operates throughout Europe and in North America’s liberalized markets, with around 4,000 customers, which, following their advice, enter into £ 1 billion worth of energy supply contracts annually

Alfa Energy Group offers its customers a wide range of services aimed at making energy purchases more efficient and thus increasing profitability. In 2008, Alfa Energy Group opened an office in Sarajevo, and since then is a respected member of the British Business Club in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Alfa Energy Group Framework Plan assumes continued international growth with the strengthening of an office that remains in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, the Sarajevo office employs over 70 people, with an annual investment of 2 million BAM. In the next five years, Alfa Energy Group plans to increase its investment to BAM 5 million a year.

“We have decided to come to Bosnia and Herzegovina for three reasons: to achieve faster growth at the international level, to establish a central office to support our branches abroad, but also, out of respect for our roots, to contribute to the development of the economy and society by providing employment opportunities for young people of this country ” said Damir Ahmovic, partner and CEO of Alfa Energy Group.

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