Why Choose Graphic and Web Design as a Profession?

Why Choose Graphic and Web Design as a Profession?

According to research, design and branding make up $3 billion of the total market.  (Ibis World)

Graphic and web design is one of the most outsourced industries on the planet. 

Why should I outsource graphic design? It’s simply. It is cost-effective and requires a lot of skill in order to efficiently accomplish such a task.

Since the invention of computers and the rapid growth of technology, the IT sector that we know today has become one of the most prominent sectors, transferring every previously analogue service into a digital one.

The creative job of designing logos, newsletters and tons of other visually appealing material is a lucrative career for the newer generations. The reason for this is because it involves being creative and people can perform it remotely while working as a freelancer.

Requirements for working as a graphic and/or web designer

A Bachelor’s qualification or authentication from a university or college is a basic requirement for a graphic and/or web design position. However, creativity is the most important requirement for an individual who would like a career down this path because these designers work both with images and textual design. Don’t get discouraged, talent and skills in this field can outweigh education. 

What’s the difference between graphic and web design?

Good question. One of the main differences between these seemingly identical professions is the medium. Graphic designers have a lot more freedom in their field because they are not limited by programming, speed or the resolution.

Web designers have to balance good design with efficiency and speed in order to create an optimized website.

Outsourcing graphic and web design in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Almost every graphic and web design firm is ready to provide its services to the international market, with high quality and cost-effective prices.

The average age of designers in BiH is 28, which makes it an industry with a lot of young people. The salary range can be from 600 BAM to 1900 BAM, making it an affordable service for Diaspora and foreign investors.

The role’s primary focus is on creating promotional and advertising materials, with additional tasks that include creating the foundation structure of a web page. For the web designers, the tasks are about optimizing text, graphics, audio and video elements for the web page, while also testing the functionality of the site and removing any bugs.

For a successful company, brand is everything.

Branding is a key factor in success because effective branding of a business, or any other type of asset that requires an identity, is crucial to brand awareness. Exceptional graphic designers can easily create a brand that fits the company, as well as define it through one simple logo.

Relevant skills

Graphical and web design are relevant skills and very important in today’s world. Graphic and web design organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina make for an ideal outsourcing opportunity, as they have educated experts who can provide world-class value at a lower cost.

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