Why choose IT as a profession?

Why choose IT as a profession?

Modern technology has changed the way we do business, store and exchange information. These days you can’t even own a small store without the help of computers, whether it is keeping track of your inventory, saving data from the security cameras or anything else. Information Technology or more commonly known as I.T. is the most popular career and the fastest growing industry in the world. The need for qualified IT staff is a basic one, just like any company will need cleaning staff and security. 

If you’re just planning for the future or considering changing your current career, you’ll find that an IT career is an exciting option. Here are a few reasons IT may be your ideal career:

Diverse and fast changing industry in demand

The IT industry operates at a speed much faster than any other industry and there’s always a significant demand for highly-skilled workers. IT is in every other industry – including retail, design, insurance, banking, aerospace, energy, and healthcare. It essentially provides the infrastructure and tools every organization needs to operate and grow. Job roles are just as diverse. All industries require technical, social and business skills.

Since technology is growing and evolving at a breakneck speed, so are many of the jobs. The next twenty years will give birth to new opportunities and see the evolution of existing careers. IT has become the foundation on which industries rest.

Despite IT personnel being a basic necessity for any company there is still a limited supply of people with sufficient knowledge and skill in the field. This means you’ll find a job very fast and very easy.   

Better and safer income, and corporate culture

It is a well-known fact that IT professionals are paid well, compared to other. An IT professional with the right mix of certifications and experience can find a permanent position in either the public or private sector. Data shows that e.g. low entry junior level salary in IT is higher than mid-level senior sales specialists in wholesale or retail. 

Average monthly salary for IT professionals by some estimates in BiH is circa 1700 BAM neto.  While many maybe don’t start their careers at this salary level, they can advance their careers (and their salaries) by learning new skills, gaining work experience and earning valuable certifications.

IT has been the proving ground of entrepreneurship. Those with great ideas and the work ethic to match can use IT to create world-changing products and organizations. Entrepreneurs with a technology skillset founded Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, and many other thriving businesses.

Also, many IT companies allow, even recommend and stimulate remote work, flexible schedules, favorable working hours, casual attire and business protocols, broad range of additional benefits on and off work, etc. which appeals to most, especially younger generations. Their HR approach is noted as a holistic one which is very much about personal development and happiness of every employee.

Less time and money needed for education and training

One of the biggest advantages of choosing IT for a career is that it has a very low cost of education as compared to many other career choices. You don’t need a 4-year degree to become an IT professional. Instead, you can get quick training to be certified in specific areas. The more knowledge and certifications you acquire the more you’ll advance in your career. As an IT professional, you can develop a prosperous career without investing in a master’s degree or PhD.

Final words

Information technology is the field of millennial. With the constant every day innovations in the industry, IT professionals have many avenues to pursue and grow from. Aspiring IT professionals must know that in order to succeed in the IT field they must be committed to learning and adapting to new technological advancements in order to stay competitive. This entails getting the right mix of experience and certifications. IT professionals that stay on top of the latest tech trends will have many career options to choose from. An IT professional never stops learning.