Foreign Investors Navigator

Foreign Investors Navigator

Launching business operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina affords opportunities that are not present in other countries, including those deemed to be at the top of lists for doing business. 

BiH offers an unsaturated market, ideally suited to investment, with expansive growth opportunities.

For those who wish to go beyond investing and/or opening businesses in the country, living here is affordable while still providing you with the amenities you love.

Getting started in BiH may seem like a challenge, but with Restart and our experienced team it’s easy.

Outlined in this guide, we introduce you to the lifestyle in BiH, what business opportunities are worth investing in and incentives for foreign investors, as well as information on how to start a business and obtain the right to work and stay in BiH.

In our Setting Up Business section, we provide you with a detailed overview of the complete legal, administrative and accounting framework to successfully open a business – without the fear of Bosnian-Herzegovinian bureaucratic snags.

Moreover, we offer you a summary of our tax system and opportunities it offers to new businesses. When it comes to the taxes you pay on profits – and the non-existent taxes on dividends – BiH is among the most competitive countries in the world!

We believe that this guide will serve as a useful tool for your consideration of BiH as your next business destination.

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